Stefan & Ekaterina StefanovAssociate Pastors of Life in Glory Church

Stefan Ivov S. was raised in a strong Christian home, under the guidance of his natural and spiritual parents—Ivo and Ganka Koychev. He has been involved in the activities of the church since his childhood. At age 14, his desire to know Christ deeper grew. He experienced God in a unique way receiving a divine word that he must be a servant of God and devote himself entirely to His purposes. At age 17, Stefan was ordained as Life in Glory’s youth pastor, and in 2015 as associate pastor. His wife, Ekaterina, in her youth received a word from God that she and her future husband are going to be servants and builders of His church. In 2013 they were married and dedicated themselves to serve and impart God’s truth in the next generation. As a family, Stefan and Ekaterina have one common dream to see the kingdom of God expanding on the Earth through believers carrying the power of God.