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Prayer Teams

We believe that intercessory groups are the best place where the power of unity, love for Christ and the transforming power of discipleship make the believers to be strong and steadfast in God’s purposes and intentions. At these meetings you can connect with other believers to share Your faith, to pray together and to actively participate in the life of the church.


Worship Ministry

As a church we aim to train a new generation of worshipers, who will carry the prophetic word and the presence of God in people’s lives, through the power of music, art and etc.


Children Ministry

The vision of our church is to be a church of generations, educating children in the Christian values and virtues. At “Life in Glory” ACC the children can both entertain and educate themselves in a suitable environment for their age.


Women of generations

The vision of  Women of generations is to be a Christian
network of women who builds strong families
and the next generations of followers of Christ.


Community work

We believe that God has set the church on place so that she can reach the unreached communities and to transform their lives trough Jesus Christ by giving them future and hope.
We founded Roma Destiny with the mission to help  children, youth and adults from Roma origin for their social and spiritual development and  integration in the society.



Our publishing work aims to enrich – educationally and spiritually – the Christian community in Bulgaria, with literature which importance is to inspire and deepen the knowledge of Christians and church leaders.