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Become a Member of “Life in Glory” ACC

In order for a believer to become a member of the local church, they must be willing to share their lives with other believers in a way that is worthy of God’s calling – as “a chosen race, a royal priesthood and a holy nation”; reflecting the glory of God and the righteousness through a life dedicated to God’s work
(1 Corinthians 2:9; 2 Corinthians 3:18).

Why Is Membership Important?

The history of the early church clearly shows that all people who accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour, were being added to the church to be a part of the family of God (Acts 2:47). Therefore, membership in the local church is a vital biblical principle for the spiritual growth of every believer after their being born again.

The role of each believer, as a member of the church, is to be dedicated to the covenant community of believers, who form a local church and together with them to share the responsibilities and privileges of its building up and operation in the work of Christ. Each member of the Church contributes through their calling, gifts and finances, for the building up of the church, in order to extend God’s kingdom on earth.
How to become a member of “Life in Glory” ACC?

Your membership is made possible because of your personal belief (faith), after recognizing the local church of believers as your spiritual home and family. It is important to note that your membership in the local church is an act of devotion to God.


 As a member of “Life in Glory” ACC you are granted the opportunity to become a part of a strong local church that:

Has accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour and Lord, by mouth confession;

Is participating actively in the life of the local church (ministries, missions, worship, home groups);

Has an approved Christian life and behaviour, as well as a desire to improve;

Be at least 16 years of age. Minors submit an application and a written declaration containing the consent of their parents or guardians;

Is not a member of another church at the same time;

Has stated in writing their willingness to join the church, addressed to the Senior Apostle;

Shares the same values and accepts the vision of “Life in Glory” ACC.


 As a member of “Life in Glory” ACC you are granted the opportunity to become a part of a strong local church that:

Provides practical Bible teaching;

Trains believers for the work of ministry;

Is involved in missions and projects;

Provides spiritual care for all;

Preserves the unity of believers as a church society;

Promotes the life of devotion to God’s purposes;

Worships God in spirit and truth;

Strives to be a role model;

Aims to educate the next generation concerning the Christian values and faith;

Is dedicated to brotherly love, prayer, support and compassion;

Teaches people to surrender themselves to God.