We believe that the Church is a community of people united by their faith and love in Jesus Christ – their Lord and Saviour, interconnected as living stones in a common covenant purpose – the building up and expansion of God’s kingdom on earth through dedicated lives.

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Stara Zagora, Bulgaria 
“Life in Glory – Stara Zagora” Church

Stara Zagora, str. Musala– 26 A \ Post Code 6007

Dalboki, Bulgaria 
“Life in Glory – Dalboki” Church
Dalboki village, Stara Zagora

Bourgas, Bulgaria 
Cell group – “Life in Glory – Bourgas”
Burgas, Meden Rudnik region, building. №40, apart.№32, storey №4


Porto, Portugal
“Life in Glory – Porto” Church
Porto- Rua Fernandes Tomas 348 4000-209

Porto domingo 19.00h \ Tel.939955897