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About the AKI


The mission of the Apostolic Kingdom Institute is to be a training center for leaders and ministers, who are covenantally dedicated to building the local church and expanding God’s kingdom on earth.


The Apostolic Kingdom Institute provides a dynamic training that aims to inspire believers to understand their important role in building up the local church to expand the kingdom of God on earth. The Institute is a school of the Spirit and is established on the principle – teaching for life. From this perspective, we would like to establish a long-term relationship with the students, to create breakthrough apostolic teams, empowered and sent by the leadership of the local church.


To impart the New Testament apostolic doctrine and ministry, for the building up of the local church.

To build and train ministers in five gift of the ministry, described in Ephesians 4:11.

To enrich the students spiritually, intellectually and professionally.

To train and send apostolic teams to local churches in other regions, in order to forward spiritual revelations, truths and gifts, to expand the Kingdom of God.

To train and raise leaders and ministers to a more mature spiritual level in building up the local church.

To reveal the work of God in the generation in which we live.